121 Household Cavalry

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The Household Cavalry has undergone a number of amalgamations since 1922. Because the Coldstream House Collection spans over one hundred years, uniforms from a variety of incarnations of these amalgamations are represented.

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Catalog #Regiment NameNotes
121-1LG1st Life Guards "The Life Guards" 1661-1788, split into 1st & 2nd LG 1788-1922.
Re-amalgamated 1922 into "The Life Guards." Post-1922 uniforms are cataloged as 121-1-2LG.
121-2LG2nd Life Guards
121-3RHGRoyal Horse Guards.
"Blues and Royals"
"The Blues" 1819-1969
Amalgamated 1969 with the 1st Royal Dragoons ("Royals" 123-1D) to form the "Blues and Royals." Post-1969 uniforms are cataloged as 121-3B+R.
131-RHARoyal Horse Artillery See 131 Royal Horse Artillery

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