126 Yeomanry

Also known as the Territorial Cavalry or the Territorial Army (TA). At one time there were 55 Yeomanry regiments. The Coldstream House Collection includes very frew items from these regiments. More information can be found in the book The Yeomanry Regiments, A Pictoral History by P.J.R. Mileham. Spellmount Ltd PUblishers Kent, UK. 1985. ISBN: 0-946771-96-0

For much more up-to-date information on unforms & badges, including those of the Territorial Army, see also British Army Badges by Lt. Col. Robin Hodges. Court Hill Farm, Potterne, Devizes SN10 5PN, UK. 2005. ISBN: 0-9551463-0-5

Catalog #Regiment NameNotes
126-1RWYRoyal Wiltshire1 R Wilt Y
126-2WY Warwickshire2 Warwick Y
126-3YH Yorkshire Hussars3 York H
126-4SRY Nottinghamshire (Sherwood Rangers)4 SRY
126-5SY Staffordshire5 Staff Y
126-6SY Shropshire6 Shrop Y
126-7AY Ayrshire7 Ayr Y
126-8CY Cheshire8 Chesh Y
126-9YD Yorkshire Dragoons9 York D
126-10LY Leicestershire10 Leicester Y
126-11NSY North Somerset11 N Som Y
126-12DLOY Duke of Lancaster's Own12 DLOY
126-13LY Lanarkshire13 Lanark Y
126-14NH Northumberland Hussars 14 Northumb H
126-15SNH Nottinghamshire Hussars, South15 S Notts H
126-16DY Denbighshire16 Denbigh Y
126-16WCY Westmorland and Cumberland16 W + CY
126-18PY Pembroke18 Pembroke Y
126-19REKMR Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles19 REKent MR
126-20HC Hampshire Carabiniers20 Hamp Cara
126-21RBH Buckinghamshire Hussars 21 R Bucks H
126-22DY Derbyshire22 Derby Y
126-23DY Dorset23 Dorset Y
126-24RGH Gloucestershire Hussars24 R Gloucester H
126-25HY Herts25 Herts Y
126-26BY Berks26 Berks Y
126-27MH 1st County of London Middlesex Hussars27 Middlesex H
126-28R1DY Royal 1st Devon28 R 1st Devon Y
126-29SY Suffolk 29 Suffolk Y
126-30RNDH Royal North Devon30 R N Devon H
126-31WY Worcestershire31 Worcester Y
126-32WKY West Kent 32 W Kent Y
126-33WSY West Somerset 33 W Somerset Y
126-34QOOH Oxfordshire Hussars 34 QO Oxford H
126-35MY Montgomeryshire35 Montgomery Y
126-36LBH Lothians and Border Horse 36 L+B H
126-37QOGY Lanarkshire (Glasgow)37 QO Glasgow Y
126-38LH Lancashire Hussars38 Lanc H
126-39SY Surrey39 Surrey Y
126-40FF Fife and Forfar40 F+F Y
126-41KORNY Norfolk (The King's Own Royal Regiment.) 41 KOR Norfolk Y
126-42SY Sussex42 Sussex Y
126-43GY Glamorgan43 Glamorgan Y
126-44WH Welsh Horse44
126-45LY Lincolnshire45 Lincoln Y
126-46RR City of London46 Rough Riders
126-47WD 2nd County of London Westminster Dragoons47 Westminster D
126-48SS 3rd County of London Sharp Shooters 48 Sharp Shooters
126-49BY Bedfordshire49 Bedford Y
126-50EY Essex50 Essex Y
126-51NY Northamptonshire51 Northampt Y
126-52ERYY East Riding of Yorkshire52 E Riding York Y
126-531LSY 1st Lovat's Scouts53 1st Lovat's Scouts Y - Invernessshire - 2 regiments raised for service in S. Africa. (Mileham, p. 89)
126-542LSY 1st Lovat's Scouts54 2nd Lovat's Scouts Y - Invernessshire - 2 regiments raised for service in S. Africa. (Mileham, p. 89)
126-55SH Scottish Horse55 Scot H

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