127 Royal Tank Regiment

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"Notes" taken from: Swinson, Arthur, ed. A Register of the Regiments and Corps of the British Army: The ancestry of the regiments and corps of the Regular Establishment. London: The Archive Press, 1972. Print.
Griffin, David. Encyclopaedia of Modern British Army Regiments. Wellingborough: Patrick Stephens, 1985. Print.
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Armored cars and tanks. Includes Reconnaissance Corps, etc. Cavalry became Royal Tank Regiment during WWII, adding tank regiments, which came from Tank Corps, which became Royal Tank Corps, and then became Royal Tank Regiment. It absorbed the Reconnaissance Corps from January 1941 - August 1946.

"The beret was inroduced into the British Army by the RTC in 1925, for convenient wear in tanks." -Griffin, p. 53.

Catalog #Regiment NameNotes
127-1RTR The Royal Tank Corps/Regiment

1916 or 1917: Formed as the Heavy Branch, The Machine Gun Corps in 1917 (Hodges p. 50) or 1916 as Heavy Section of the Machine Gun Corps in 1916 and renamed The Tank Corps in 1917 (Griffin, p. 52).
1923: renamed the Royal Tank Corps (Griffin, p. 52)
1939: Renamed Royal Tank Regiment when all Cavalry regiments became part of the Royal Armoured Corps. From Swinson, p. 287: "The Royal Armoured Corps":

April 1939

Formed as a parent Corps to the Royal Tank Corps (retitled Royal Tank Regiment on joining) and those Cavalry regiments which had been mechanized. Other cavary regiments were included as they mechanized and eventually all the Cavalry of the Line were drawn into the new Corps. During the Second World War a number of Territorial Infantry battalions, which had been mechanized for operational reasons, were given numbers as Regiments of the R.A.C. (107th-116th Regiments and 141st-163rd Regiments, R.A.C.). A small number of training and specialized regiments were also formed as Regiments of the R.A.C. during the Second World War.
In 1944 the R.A.C. absorbed the Reconnaissance Corps (formed 8 January 1941, disbanded August 1946). Since the end of the Second World War the Royal Armoured Corps has reverted to the status of an administrative corps.

It should be noted that the Household Cavalry regiments, though armoured, do not belong to it."

Colors: green, brown & red: "From the mud, through the blood to the green fields beyond." (Hodges, p. 51)

More information available at Wikipedia, "Royal Tank Regiment"

127-2RC Reconnaissance Corps

1941: formed 8 January
1946: disbanded August
"It became part of the Royal Armoured Corps in 1944, still maintaining its own cap badge with two lightning strikes supporting an upright spear. With the end of the war, this number of reconnaissance units was not needed and the Corps was disbanded in August 1946. Reconnaissance duties reverted to Regular armoured units of the Royal Armoured Corps." -Wikipedia, "Reconnaissance Corps"

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