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4 BU.141-2CG.1.3 Coldstream Guards. Officer. Full Dress, c. 1912. a. Bearskin cap. Black bearskin. Scarlet plume on right. Graduated brass chin chain.
b. Tunic. Scarlet cloth. Blue cloth collar and cuffs. Scarlet flaps on cu=ff and skirts on back. Buttons and embroideries on flaps in pairs.
c. Gold/crimson aiguillette
d. Gold/crimson net sash. Gold/crimson tassels.
e. Blue pantaloons with 2" scarlet stripes
Year Range: 1912-1914
Condition: Excellent
Height: 180cm
Width: 100cm
2006 Value Est. $4000-5000
5 BU.141-2CG.2a.3 Coldstream Guards. Officer. Frock Coat Dress, c. 1925. a. Peaked Forage Cap. Blue cloth. Black mohair band. Silver badge. Gold embroidered peak
b. Frock Coat. Blue cloth. 5 loops of mohair braid across the chest. Black mohair braid figures on cuffs and back of skirt.
c. Crimson silk net sash. Crimson tassels.
Year range: 1911-1939
Condition: Excellent
Height: 175cm
Width: 95cm
2006 Value Est: $2000-2500

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