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Catalog #Regiment NameNotes
143-5RNF The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers {Keith Taylor's regiment}
143-7RFL The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)The Elegant Extracts
143-20LRThe Lancashire FusiliersThe Two Tens
145-21RSF [Scottish - Royal Scots Fusiliers]
143-23RWFRoyal Welch Fusiliers ("Royal Welsh" until 1920)
143-27-108RIFRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers
143-87-89PVRI Princess Victoria's (The Royal Irish Fusiliers) Combined 87th (The Royal Irish Fusiliers) & 89th (Princess Victoria's) in 1881. Changed to The Royal Irish Fusiliers (Princess Victoria's) in 1920.
143-101-104RMF Royal Munster Fusiliers Combined 101st Royal Bengal Fusiliers & 104 Bengal Fusiliers in 1881. Disbanded 31 July 1922.
143-102-103RDF Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Disbanded 31 July 1922.

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