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Catalog #Regiment NameNotes
144-13SLI The Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's)
144-32-46DCLIDuke of Cornwall's Light Infantry - DCLI 32nd (Cornwall) & 46th (South Devonshire) combined in 1881
144-43-52OBLI The Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry "Oxford & Bucks" - Combined 43rd (Monmouthshire Light Infantry) & 52nd (Oxforshire Light Infantry) in 1881.
144-51-105KOYLIThe King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry - KOYLI "The Koylis" Combined 51st (2nd Yorkshire, West Riding, THe King's own Light Infantry) & 105th (Madras LIght Infantry in 1881
144-53-85KSLIKing's Shropshire Light Infantry "The Brickdusts" - Combined 53rd (Shropshire) & 85th (Bucks Volunteers) (King's Light Infantry) in 1881, changed names a number of times.
144-68-106DLI The Durham Light Infantry "Faithful Durhams" - Combined 68th (Durham-Light Infantry) & 106th (Bombay Light Infantry) in 1881.
145-71-74HLI [Scottish Infantry] The Highland Light Infantry "Glasgow Poison Dwarves," "Pig & Whistle," "Glesca Keelies" "HLI"

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