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Source: Swinson, Arthur, ed. A Register of the Regiments and Corps of the British Army: The ancestry of the regiments and corps of the Regular Establishment. London: The Archive Press, 1972. Print.

Catalog #Regiment NameNotes
[145-26-90] [Scottish - Cameronians - Scottish Rifles]For purposes of this collection, this regiment is classified as a Scottish regiment.
146-60KRRC King's Royal Riffle CorpsKRRC, "The Green Jackets Brigade," later: "The Royal Green Jackets"
146-83-86RIR Royal Irish Rifles /
Royal Ulster Rifles
Combined 83rd (County of Dublin) & 86th (Royal County Down) in 1881. "Royal Irish Rifles" from 1881 until Irish Independence in 1922. Became Royal Ulster Rifles in 1922.
146-95RB The Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own) 95th Rifle Regiment from 1800-1802. "The Sweeps," "Green Jackets." Redesignated "The 3rd Green Jackets, The Rifle Brigade" in 1958. Amalgamated with other Green Jackets brigades in 1966, forming "The Royal Green Jackets." "The Rifle Brigade" subtitle dropped in 1968. (Swinson, p. 262-3)

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