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Motto: "Per Ardua ad Astra" ("Through Adversity to the Stars")

The Army Air Corps was created in 1942 in response to administration of the Glider Pilot and Parachute Regiments which in turn had been created out of training at the Central Landing School starting in 1940. The Army Air Corps was disbanded in 1950 and reformed in 1957 to perform "observation and transport missions for the army." (Swinson, p. 296-7)

Source: Swinson, Arthur, ed. A Register of the Regiments and Corps of the British Army: The ancestry of the regiments and corps of the Regular Establishment. London: The Archive Press, 1972. Print.

Catalog #Regiment NameNotes
148-1GPR The Glider Pilot Regiment Raised in 1942, used in the invasions of Sicily, Normandy & the South of France, battle of Arnhem and crossing the Rhine. (Swinson, p. 256)
148-2PR The Parachute Regiment Est. 1942. Completely volunteer regiment until 1953. "Paras," "The Red Devils." Motto: "Utrinque Paratus" (Ready for Anything). (Swinson, p. 257
148-3SAS The Special Air Service Regiment
Rare/Obscure/Obsolete groups
148-4BS Balloon Section In 1890 was "introduced into British Army as a unit of the Royal Engineers" (Swinson, p. 295)
148-5AB Air Battallion formed 1911

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