Category of Articles

  • A - Accoutrements (part of uniform, belt, pouch, uniform tins)
  • B - Books
  • C - Collectibles (silver trays, cups, etc) also called "curios"
  • E - Equipment (cooking stove, horse blankets)
  • F - Flags, colors, standards
  • H - Headdress
  • I - Insignia (cap badges, collar badges, rank badges)
  • M - Musical instruments (drums, bugles, drum major's maces)
  • O - Orders, decorations, medals (won, not symbols of rank) Orders are granted ranks (O.B.E., C.B.E, etc.); Decorations are for gallantry or distinguished service; Medals are for commemorating specific events, participation in a battle
  • P - Pictures (prints, paintings)
  • U - Uniforms (jacket/tunic, waistcoat, shirts, gloves, pants, socks/hose, shoes
  • V - Vehicles (not represented in this collection)
  • W - Weapons
  • Bold categories indicate large numbers represented in the collection.

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