About Director M.C. Tsen

Mr.Tsen is a passionate student of British military history and an expert on British military uniforms and accoutrements of the 19th and 20th centuries. His knowledge comes not only through the thorough familiarity with the successive Dress Regulations, but also through real experience--- friendships with different Regimental Museums and hence accessibility to changes stipulated by various Regimental Standing Orders.

He is often consulted by museum directors concerning matters on British military history. He is also generous in sharing his vast knowledge with his fellow collectors and friends and identifying objects of militaria for them.

Mr. Tsen's love of British military goes back to his boarding school days in England when he experienced many military pageantries, including the Coronation Procession of the Queen. After coming to America and graduating from Virginia Military Institute, he often traveled on business through London where he formed many friendships with military tailors of Savile Row and began to acquire the core of his own collection of British military uniforms, originally from 1880s to 1914, but now extended through WWII.

Photo courtesy Forbes Magazine, 1991
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